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Christopher Page

Christopher PageThe Venerable Christopher Page is rector of St. Philip Anglican Church in Victoria, BC, as well as a respected writer, speaker, and retreat leader with The Contemplative Society. He was ordained in Toronto in 1980 after receiving his MDiv degree. A graduate at the Spring 2001 Convocation of the Vancouver School of Theology, Christopher completed his second Masters Degree (ThM) in 2004. His thesis was on nature mysticism in the work of Thomas Merton. These studies have in turn, led to a deep interest in the contemplative tradition and in the lives of the Desert Fathers.

Christopher and his wife Heather Page reside in Victoria. They have both been trained as Centering Prayer facilitators by Contemplative Outreach and are available to lead “Introduction to Centering Prayer” workshops, contemplative practice workshops, and teaching or silent retreats for interested groups. Please contact The Contemplative Society for more information or to request a workshop.

Gifted in preaching, teaching, and writing, Christopher is the author of five books: Christ Wisdom (2004), Mark’s Gospel: Awakening the Voice Within (2005), The Way of Courage: Being God’s People in a Broken World (2006), Spirit Life: Living the Fruit of God’s Spirit (October, 2007), and Shadow Dancing Living with the Dark Side The Temptations of Christ in the Gospel of Matthew.

Cynthia Bourgeault has this to say in endorsement of Christopher:

“Christopher Page – author, columnist, outdoorsman, and parish priest-is one of the finest teachers of the Christian contemplative path I have ever met. He has been an influential presence in the contemplative renewal of the Anglican Church in Canada, introducing thousands to contemplative practice through both his books and his workshops and retreats. He has also been the linchpin of the Victoria-based Contemplative Society, a group he helped to found and has faithfully nurtured for more than a decade. He combines deep mystical insight with practical grounding and a pastor’s listening ear, and his knowledge of the Christian contemplative tradition is unparalleled. I experience him as bridge between the best of Christian tradition and the new directions and needs opening up in today’s culture. It is an honour to introduce him to you.”
~ Cynthia Bourgeault

Christopher’s thoughts and reflections can be followed on his frequent blog postings at In a Spacious Place.

Henri Lock

Henri Lock

Henri is a teacher of the contemplative Christian path and is an ardent practitioner of Centering Prayer and Mindfulness Practice. As Campus Minister at the University of Victoria, his role is to offer the campus community the resources of the Christian Wisdom tradition for spiritual learning, practice, community, and service. He leads and mentors groups in mindfulness meditation, centering prayer, sacred ecology, wisdom Jesus learning circles, labyrinth meditation, prayer in the style of Taizé, meditation retreats, yoga/mindfulness movement, contemplative communion, and energy healing.

Henri has a keen interest in ecological awareness and sustainable lifestyle, and integrating contemplative practice with mindful ecological living and ethical action. He is an ordained minister in the United Church of Canada. He is married to Leslie Black and they have two children, Jacob and Tabitha.

Heather Page

Heather Page has been the President of The Contemplative Society since 2012. She has served the Society both as a board member and as the first Administrator.

Heather has been trained by Contemplative Outreach as a Centering Prayer facilitator and has co-led with her husband, Christopher Page, a number of “Introduction to Centering Prayer” workshops. Heather regularly co-leads Quiet Days with UVic chaplain, Henri Lock, and has helped lead several meditation retreats on Vancouver Island and throughout BC.

Heather’s focus is on contemplative practice and embodied teaching including lectio, chanting, Benedictine work, monastic offices, and meditation. She has attended numerous retreats led by the Rev. Dr. Cynthia Bourgeault. It was through Cynthia’s teaching and practice-based retreats that Heather was first inspired to begin contemplative practice.

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