“…I simply cannot emphasize enough how important The Contemplative Society has become in supporting my work…It’s allowing contemplatives from all over the world to connect in a ‘network of hearts’…What a pivotal role the Society is playing, both in supporting me personally in my teaching and in helping bring this teaching to the world…”
~ Cynthia Bourgeault

We welcome Contemplative Society followers to become members of our organization. Members actively support the mission, vision, and values of The Contemplative Society, and make a monthly or annual donation to the Society. Members make a contribution to recovering the mystical heart of the Christian Wisdom tradition. Additionally, all donations over $10 are eligible for a tax receipt (registered charity number 878177161RR0001). The one-year term of membership begins on the date of the gift (in the case of monthly donations, the date of the last gift). See below for more information.

Membership gives you:

    • Advance notice of information and early registration for all retreats offered by The Contemplative Society.
    • Voting privileges at our Annual General Meeting, thus providing the Board with direction (i.e., what do you want TCS to be doing with its resources?) and support.

In addition, we ask our members to promote TCS whenever they feel it is appropriate and to attend the Annual General Meeting whenever possible. We greatly depend on the support of our members and their help in advancing our mission. Active engagement is strongly encouraged.

Membership requirements:

    • Opting in for membership by explicitly stating desire to join (e.g. checking the box on the Support Us page or on TCS mail-in forms, or by direct request via phone or email).*
    • A donation of any amount, which entitles you to one full year of membership. You will be notified in advance of the pending expiration of your current membership so that you will have the opportunity to renew your support.
        • We invite you to consider making a monthly gift, the most sustainable form of financial support which helps us to both meet the needs of the present and accurately plan for the future.
        • Gifts of any amount are always welcome:
              • Basic membership: gifts up to $299
              • Sustaining membership: gifts $300-$599
              • Growth membership: gifts $600 and above

* Please note that signing up for our mailing list only does not meet our membership requirements.

All donations over $10 CAD are eligible for a Revenue Canada tax receipt.

Donations of $500 USD or more are eligible for an IRS receipt if given through CAF America. People living in the UK who wish to receive tax benefits for their donation can do so for gifts over £250 by becoming account holders with CAF UK. For more information, contact them to discuss your intentions.

Another option is to give through the San Antonio Area Foundation, run by Cynthia’s friend and tireless Wisdom benefactor, Jack Willome  – all donations $1000 USD and above are eligible for an IRS receipt. Please make cheques payable to San Antonio Area Foundation, with “Cynthia” or “The Contemplative Society” in the memo, and send them to the address below. If you have any questions, please contact Jack at

San Antonio Area Foundation
c/o Jack Willome
121 Westwood Way
San Antonio, TX  78218

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our administrator at 250-381-9650 or