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  • October 16-18, 2020,. “Teilhard, Consciousness, and Levels of Consciousness”. Second Annual Thomas Keating Seminar with ˆIlia Delio and Matthew Wright. Aspen, Colorado
  • October 26-31, 2020: “Gurdjieff and Teilhard in conversation, Part II: Consciousness, Conscience, and the Human Condition” Charles Town, West Virginia
  • December 10-15, 2020: Ground Luminosity Silent teaching and meditation retreat. Garrison, New York

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29 Mar -
03 Apr
14 Apr -
18 Apr
Second Year Intensive Retreat

Second Year Intensive Retreat.  (closed group, open only to second year students in the Living School).

20 Apr -
21 Apr
Cynthia Bourgeault: Public talk on Thomas Keating's "The Secret Embrace"

Public talk , followed by day of contemplative practice based on “The Secret Embrace,” Thomas Keating’s final teaching. 

Sponsored by Contemplative Outreach London. For more information contact Jill Benet, coordinator

24 Apr -
25 Apr
“The Gospel of Thomas: Gateway to the Wisdom Jesus”

Public talk followed by day of teaching and contemplative practice. For more information, contact Penny Joy Day

29 Apr -
03 May
“Oneness: Thomas Keating’s Final Gift to the World,”

April 29-May 3, 2020: Contemplative Outreach of South Africa National Conference.

Stellenbosch, South Africa.

For information contact Janie Potgieter, Janie@telkomas.netor 

30 May -
05 Jun
Fourth Annual Maine Wisdom Ingathering: “Introducing the Imaginal Realm.”

Our theme this year is 2020: HONORING THE YEAR OF PERFECT VISION. The morning teachings will feature a “sneak peek” into my forthcoming (September 2020) book, Eye of the Heart: A Spiritual Journey into the Imaginal World, where we explore some powerful new perspectives for working skillfully in a world apparently hopelessly divided and gridlocked.

This year the logistics for the event will be managed by our dedicated Wisdom duo, Mary Ellen Jernigan and Eileen Clark, two very caring and responsive presences, who have set up a special e-mailbox just for the occasion. They will be happy to work with you on all aspects of logistics, accommodations, and other details. If you would like to talk to Eileen or Mary Ellen by phone, just send a note to with your phone number and the best time for one of them to give you a call.

For more information : 

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19 Jun -
24 Jun
"The Imaginal Realm, Part II; The Great Exchange.”

UK Wisdom School 

Holy Isle, Arran Island, Scotland

For information, contact Jill Benet,

23 Apr -
27 Apr
Cynthia Bourgeault Cowichan Lake Research Station Conference Centre, Mesachie Lake BC

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