Wisdom Solstice – the Yukon backstory

This post is shared by Jennifer England as a follow-up to our Wisdom Solstice event offered on Zoom on June 21st.   

In describing her experience and the backstory including what was occurring ‘behind-the-scenes’ as the event was about to begin, Jennifer provides a real-life example of applying our Wisdom practice to tap into a calm centering presence even while suddenly facing an unexpected set of circumstances. 

TCS is very grateful to Jennifer and the whole team at the Wisdom North Collective for their gracious leadership and guidance for this Solstice gathering. 


Dear Wisdom sisters and brothers,

Thank you for joining us, the Wisdom North Collective, here in Yukon, Canada in collaboration with The Contemplative Society (Victoria BC) for a celebration of love, unitive consciousness, and incandescent light. We were so pleased you could be with us. Our hearts were full of gratitude for the expansive wisdom community around the globe. And if you couldn’t make it, we have provided the recording below.


Yukon Yurt

Yukon Yurt

The real ‘behind-the-scenes’ scenario

I was hoping to have shared with you the gorgeous backdrop of the mountains and lake, with the beautiful light, at my friend Amanda’s yurt.

I got all set up there (after checking data on the weekend) but as it tends to go in the North, nothing worked. I tried to set it up in her house, but no luck. So with the Victoria/Vancouver tech sisters on standby, our local group somewhere on the highway, I had to make a decision to leave the yurt, head back for home (at a rather undisciplined speed), and get to my workspace (kid had a cello lesson upstairs at the same time) in the basement and hope for the best!

And then, the magic happened. Our local group made it to my basement, through the piles of laundry, just in time. My heart-rate came down. Paula from Vancouver was ready to do it all herself, with Eilen and Barb holding the Zoom fort with grace and calm.

So there it is…wisdom and our practice in action, holding us steady through the unknown- the shadows, bumps, and stress of the every-day. Holy-the-denying and Holy-the-Affirming in action—with our community and blessed space the reconciling. That, and my realization, that one doesn’t need a dramatic backdrop to be fully present and allow the Light to emanate.

body prayer

Jennifer and team leading a body prayer


With love from Yukon,


Wisdom North Collective


To find out more about Jennifer and her spiritual path, visit Seedlings at Northeast Wisdom.  You can learn more about Jennifer’s work as an Integral coach/leadership strategist at Spark Coaching.  For a wonderful interview that Jennifer hosted with Brother David Steindl-Rast and her father, John England, listen on her Weave podcast here.


Wisdom Solstice Recording & Resources


If you would like to access the Readings and Chants used for the Wisdom Solstice event, or make a small offering, you can do so here: