St. Brendan by Siri Beckman

About our Logo St. Brendan the Voyager

St. Brendan belongs to that glorious period in the history of Ireland when the island in the first glow of its conversion to Christianity sent forth its earliest messengers of the Faith to the continent and to the regions of the sea. Brendan’s adventures that ensued were called the “Navigatio Brendani”, the Voyage or Wandering of St. Brendan.

According to legend, Brendan sailed in circles for seven years, until he learned that reaching the land promised to the Saints “… is reached not only in physical space, but simultaneously in inner space…” as the eye of the heart is opened to recognize the land. The promised land is at the convergence of inner and outer worlds. ~ from Chanting the Psalms, by Rev. Cynthia Bourgeault

Our logo depicts the voyages of St. Brendan and is the exclusive work of artist Siri Beckman and is used with her permission. To view more of Siri’s wonderful artwork visit

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