MEETING THE MOMENT WITH LOVE: Meister Eckhart’s Practices for Hard Times with WARD BAUMAN

This content is drawn from our online retreat with Ward Bauman hosted on Zoom, Feb 15-19, 2021.


5 sessions, each starting with a contemplative practice guided by TCS leader, followed by teachings with Ward Bauman for approx 2 hours.

Content includes video and audio recordings, quotes, suggested deepening practices, as well as other useful resource listings.


While no Christian mystic is more quoted than is Meister Eckhart, none is more misunderstood. Indeed, among the metaphysicians he excels as a master of non-dual consciousness.

The task of this retreat would be to balance Eckhart’s practice with his teaching, engaging in silence, listening with the ears of the heart, and together exploring his mystical works. He points us to what is beyond our minds, yet may be known through our experience. “God,” he says, “is no further off than the door of the heart. Your opening and God’s entering are but one moment.”