Mystical Hope – Vital Sustenance for our Times

Mystical Hope cover

In 2001 Cynthia Bourgeault published a grace-filled guide for facing difficult times, offering insights and pointers in the small and powerful book entitled MYSTICAL HOPE: Trusting in the Mercy of God.  Many in Cynthia’s community and beyond are turning (or re-turning) to this book to navigate current concerns and challenges, and finding it a source of deep spiritual sustenance. 

Over the coming months, Northeast Wisdom will be providing reflections and chapter summaries of this book. We invite you to share in the experience and these writings, starting this month with:


Mystical Hope, Chapter One: Awakening in the Body on the Journey to the Wellsprings by Laura Ruth

“Come, are you ready to set out?”

The first chapter of Mystical Hope: Trusting in the Mercy of God ends with the above words, Cynthia extending her hand to all who want to travel on a path to the wellsprings that lie far beyond the familiar hope for an outcome, resolution of challenge or difficulty, or wish for change. Listening for words we usually connect to hope, I can taste how these belong together. They are of a particular arena—hope as related to something concrete in the world, outside of ourselves, a circumstance, future event or situation. Hoping for or about something, hoping for something to be different than what it is. The journey Cynthia is inviting us to is of another color, a distinct flavor and fragrance.  Continue reading here >>>




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Watch for Chapter 2 summary coming to North East Wisdom website soon…