Instructions from Cynthia Bourgeault

Dear Wisdom friends:

Here is my own recommendation for inner work during this time of profound planetary readjustment. I will send you a fuller explanation as soon as I can, but the internet system has just gone very wonky out here on Eagle Island, and you may need to be patient for my further elucidations of this admittedly countercultural prescription. For those of you who have seen an advance manuscript of my book, this would be a course of action founded on the laws of World 24 (Imaginal) and above, not the laws of World 48 (our earth plane at its rational apogee) and below that are presently running the show—futilely, in my estimation.

What we’re facing here is not a temporary crisis to “flatten the curve.” This is a permanent and collective reset of our collective human conscience and will resolve itself only as a few more of us become willing and able to step up to the plate to live a different reality.

More on that to follow. For now, my “to do” list:

1. Get Joseph Azize’s new book, GURDJIEFF: MYSTICISM, CONTEMPLATION, AND EXERCISES (Oxford University Press, 2020, ) and work diligently with some of the Gudjieff exercises here assembled for the first time,  particularly the “Make Strong” (pp. 178-82), “Atmosphere Exercise” (192-3), “Four Ideals,”(231-240), “Lord have Mercy” (241-251), and “Clear Impressions” (261-269.)
2. Continue your own daily practice of Centering Prayer, and within its gentle and surrendered atmosphere, try to work into your being as deeply as you possibly can the truth of the Pauline affirmation  “Whether I live or die, I am the Lord’s.”  Work it in until there is no discrepancy between how it falls on your mind, your emotions, and your amygdala. Work it in until you realize with all of yourself that it confers the only spiritual immunity, the only source of right action.
3. Radically decrease or discontinue altogether your use of internet technology—zoom groups, zoom church—to support social distancing. It is actually aggravating the problem by further intensifying the electromagnetic inflammation of the planetary atmosphere which is actually driving the contagion. 
4. Physically connect (I mean in real space time) with at least one person whose life is already being physically impacted by this crisis (food shortage, income stream dried up, and try to help as best you can.

Lord have mercy on us all. Cynthia


Joseph Azize, Gurdjieff: Mysticism, Contemplation, and Exercises

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