The Contemplative Future is in Your Hands…

Margaret Haines, founding president of The Contemplative Society, was also a dear friend of Cynthia Bourgeault’s. Margaret planted the seed that would grow and flourish into a 20-year relationship between Cynthia and TCS. That relationship has helped encourage contemplatives from all walks of life and from all over the world: from offering fledgling contemplatives their first opportunities to practice, to nurturing young teachers into capable bearers of this long tradition, Margaret Haines’ impact on The Contemplative Society and the contemplative community as a whole is a powerful legacy. To honour her gift to the world and to celebrate our 20th anniversary, we have established a scholarship fund in her name to ensure TCS’ contemplative learning and practice opportunities become more accessible to all and to attract future contemplatives.
We hope you will join us in building that future – it’s in your hands…
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Margaret Haines was born on March 23, 1925 in London, England. She died on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada 86 years later ,nearly 8,000 km from her birth place. In between, she married, raised three children, gave endless hours to numerous volunteer endeavours, and nurtured her own deep and rich inner spiritual life.

One of Margaret’s enormous contributions to the work of the Spirit was as the founding president of The Contemplative Society. Her visionary leadership was instrumental in bringing Cynthia Bourgeault to Canada and supporting Cynthia’s ministry as it expanded from the seed planted on Salt Spring Island to have an international impact in the world of Christian contemplative practice.

Reflecting on Margaret’s life, Cynthia Bourgeault has written, “It was by the gift of her spirit that she changed me: her compassion, her toughmindedness, her loyalty, her courage, her spiritual force.”

Late in her life, Margaret bore eloquent witness to the power of the inner life when she said, “As time goes on, I find there is so much less to fear.”