Taizé Services

What is Taizé?

The Taizé (teh-zay) community near Cluny, France was founded during World War II by Brother Roger and now is overseen by brothers from many countries worldwide. Since the 1960s thousands of young and not-so-young have gone to Taizé to explore the sources of faith and look for ways of bringing together inner life and human solidarity.

What is a Taizé service?

A Taizé service consists of singing — simple one or two-line chants. A typical service might include chants in English as well as Latin, French, Spanish, and German. The music is intended as prayer, so a chant is sung over and over again in a contemplative style. The service usually includes a psalm reading, a gospel reading, a period of silence, prayers of intercession, and ends with prayer around an icon of Christ on the cross. Participants who wish to, come forward to kneel and touch, kiss or pray at the icon.

NOTE: Taize services may be cancelled or postponed at this time.

Check with the contact listed to confirm day, time, and place.

Taizé Services- Victoria and surrounding regions, BC Canada

Please phone or email “Contact” to confirm dates and times. More meditation and contemplative meetings are listed on the Contemplative Prayer Groups page.

Victoria Downtown Taizé Services (various churches) Third Friday of most months, 6:00 pm See Groups Calendar for location details. Phone (Janet): 250-478-5066 Email: thegrays@shaw.ca

Victoria – University of Victoria (Wine Before Supper includes Taizé) Wednesdays, 5:30 pm Interfaith Chapel 3800 Finnerty Rd Web: http://www.uvic.ca/multifaith/events/practicing/taize/index.php Phone (Henri Lock): 250-472-4159 Email: hlock@uvic.ca

Victoria – St. Philip Church Evenings of Palm Sunday and New Year’s Eve 2928 Eastdowne Rd Web: http://stphilipvictoria.ca Phone: 250-592-6823 Email: office@stphilipvictoria.ca

Victoria – St. Joseph’s Friary  Most months. All are welcome. 1076 Joan Cres Phone: 250-595-7733

Victoria – AbbeyChurch Most months – check website 600 Richmond Ave Web: https://www.abbeychurch.ca/news Phone: 778-977-7562 Email: info@abbeychurch.ca

Duncan Taizé First Sunday of the month, 7:00 pm Duncan United Church 246 Ingram St Web: http://duncanunited.org/calendar Phone: 250-746-6043

Nanaimo Taizé Last Sunday of the month, music practice at 6:15 pm; Taizé service at 7:00 pm April 29, May 27, and June 24, 2018 at Bethlehem Centre 2371 Arbot Rd Web: https://bethlehemcentre.com/community-events/

Comox Taizé Second Saturday of the month, (5:00 pm) – One World chant and meditation Fourth Saturday of the month (except December), 5:00 pm Comox United Church 250 Beach Dr Web: http://www.comoxunitedchurch.com/events/calendar Phone: 250-339-3966

Sechelt Taizé Third Sunday of the month, 7:00 pm St. Hilda’s By the Sea 5838 Barnacle St Web: http://www.sthilda.ca/events/crmc-contemplative-reading-meditation-and-chant Phone (Stephanie): 604-885-5019 Email: admin@sthilda.ca Phone (Nancy Denham): 604-885-7373 Email: ndenham@dccnet.com

North Vancouver Taizé Various dates and times – check website St. Andrew’s United Church 1044 St. George’s Ave Web: http://st-andrews-united.ca/worship/sundays-at-4-pm/ Phone: 604-985-0408 Email: events@st-andrews-united.ca

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