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Eye of the Heart: Cynthia Bourgeault Shares the Imaginal Roadmap

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In the following podcasts and interviews Cynthia Bourgeault illuminates the Imaginal and some key insights offered in her groundbreaking new book EYE OF THE HEART: A Spiritual Journey into the Imaginal Realm:


ENCOUNTERING SILENCE: Silence and the Imaginal Realm

(Audio: October 2020)

In this two-part interview, Cynthia Bourgeault speaks with Encountering Silence hosts on her practice of silence, and thoughts on navigating through the particular challenges of our current times. From this interview:

Our own personal and collective fear of death is what’s holding us on one side of the divide, and if we could just get through that, we’d have a whole new set of tools in our grab-bag for rebuilding the planet on the other side of COVID.

— Cynthia Bourgeault

Listen to Part 1 here.

Part 2 of Cynthia’s conversation on Silence and the Imaginal Realm now available here.


STATE OF EMERGENCE: Spiritual Mettle and the Good Company of the Holy

(Audio: September 2020)

Cynthia Bourgeault joins Terry Patten to explore what it is to live and imagine from the “eye of the heart” in a seemingly apocalyptic world. They reflect on how each of them is relating to death and also discovering new strength and guidance by keeping the company of saints, sages, and our courageous ancestors — one of the most important spiritual fruits of awakening into the “imaginal realm.” Cynthia suggests we aspire to “live the laws of the next world”, like those who began building great cathedrals they knew they wouldn’t live to see completed. 

Some questions explored include:

  • Can we become so intimate with our inevitable death, that we become impartial, courageous, and more profoundly alive?
  • How can we “keep the good company” of the great contemplatives and our now-deceased mentors during times of darkness?
  • How can we “live the laws of the next world” and become the “strange attractors” of wisdom to which others can gravitate?

Listen to Cynthia and Terry’s conversation here.


GOOP PODCAST: A Different Way to Live Virtuously

(Audio: September 2020)

Cynthia joins the Goop team to discuss key existential questions that come forth for many of us, including:

  • Are we all just irrelevant specs?
  • Does our life actually have meaning?

According to Bourgeault, while humans are not the center of everything, our actions have profound influence on the well-being of the planet (and a system that extends beyond it). She says that a lack of consciousness has led to much of the mess we’re currently in, and she explains how we all play a particular role in amending the damage. Cynthia talks through how our fear of dying is problematic (and what a different approach to death could look like), what it truly means to live virtuously, and whether or not she’s hopeful for the future. (Spoiler: Mostly, she is).

Listen to the GOOP interview here.


Cynthia at SAND 2020

SAND ONLINE EVENT: The Roots of Hope Run Deep: Timeless Wisdom to Guide a Perilous Passage

(Video: May 2020)

Cynthia Bourgeault speaks with Science and NonDuality (SAND) hosts, providing an overview of the Imaginal Roadmap,  offering a much broader perspective on our planetary situation at this point: a map which renews hope while at the same time ratcheting up the demand for personal spiritual transformation. 

Watch the full video interview with SAND hosts here.




Eye of the Heart book cover EYE OF THE HEART: A Spiritual Journey into the Imaginal Realm – by Cynthia Bourgeault

This groundbreaking book shares the evolution of Cynthia Bourgeault’s spiritual journey and offers a new map to understanding energy and our collective reality.

In Eye of the Heart, Cynthia Bourgeault investigates the imaginal realm–an energetic realm well known to the mystical traditions but often forgotten in our own times. It is invisible to the physical eye, but clearly perceptible through the eye of the heart.


“A brilliant synthesis that both situates the imaginal world and gives it more meaning that it has previously had… [Bourgeault] is a true representative of the Western spiritual tradition.”  – from the afterword by A. H. Almaas



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