A Wisdom School comes out of the ancient lineages of all indigenous and spiritual traditions, including the Christian contemplative path. This foundational Wisdom School has three purposes:  

  • To explore the breadth and depth of the teachings of the Western Wisdom tradition that come to us from insights and resources of contemporary teachers. 
  • To work with the implication that deeper Wisdom cannot be known by the mind alone; it requires grounding in our entire being – body, mind, and heart.  
  • Living in this way does not mean that we become psychologically, morally, or spiritually perfect. Such a myth might be called “spiritual bypassing” so we will also look at “opening and including” those very aspects of ourselves, traditionally called sin or the shadow that we may have hoped we could avoid. This enables us to see and respond in a much more expanded, compassionate, and humble way to all that life encompasses.                              

During this time together we work with core practices that sustain the embodiment of Wisdom: chant, meditation/contemplative prayer, lectio divinaqigong, some physical and practical work, contemplative dialogue, other practices that support the integration of that which we avoid, silence and rich conversation, time alone and play.


Cost (includes full residential accommodation and a koha for Pip and Bev’s facilitation): $500
Please contact them if this cost prohibits you or you are willing to contribute more. 

Time: Tuesday, January 24 at 5:00 pm to Sunday, January 29 at 12:00 pm

To register or for more information, email Bev at bev.s-c@outlook.com.