Cynthia Bourgeault will join other notable speakers for the third annual conference of the newly renamed “Center for Christogensis”

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We are prodigal children of an infinite love. The mounting crises of our time show that we are exhausting our capacity to center our lives in the radiating power of God.  

We are called to be more. We have the capacity for a new world, and the energy for this world is already within us; it is the presence of God-Omega. We need to discover the vast inner layers of the human person, not merely to comfort ourselves in mystical depths, but to radiate out with the love from which we are made—to heal our world, save our planet, and bring justice to all. 

Join this third annual online conference, as we seek to meet the infinite within and explore these depths together toward the future of our world and our God.

Speaking at the conference will be Ilia Delio, Cynthia Bourgeault, Barbara Brown Taylor, Rami Shapiro, and Catherine Keller. Six workshops will also be offered, on themes ranging from “Rewilding the Infinite Within” with Mark Wallace, to “Incarnational Engagement in Justice Work” with Alison McCrary.

December 4 – 8, 2020

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