Cynthia Bourgeault will be leading this retreat on Teilhard de Chardin at Glastonbury Abbey. Her teachings will be on the spiritual lessons we can learn from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin which will help us flourish on a planet that is: relational; in motion; not there yet; messy; and intensely coherent. The morning talks will explore the intrinsic compatibility between Teilhard’s singular cosmovision (”The Teilhardian synthesis” as it’s called) and the Trinity — or, more specifically, ternary metaphysics as laid out in The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three. We will look at how Teilhard’s intuitive grasp of a world “in fieri” — in the process of becoming — is deepened and expanded when brought into direct relationship with the Trinity understood as a mandala of dynamism and new creation. In the afternoon, talks we will be exploring Teilhard’s own understanding and practice of prayer of the heart as the ground of his visionary seeing.


Cost: $800 single / $750 double / $525 commuter (a $150-$200 deposit is due by August 1; 50% scholarships are available)

Please fill out the registration form, and follow the instructions to apply. Patricia Speak will be the registrar for this Northeast Wisdom-sponsored event. For more information, email Patricia or call her at 412-963-0409.