Wisdom Forge invites you to this Special Topics Wisdom School that will focus on the works of Teilhard de Chardin. Join with Cynthia and a dedicated group of seekers in exploring the intertwined scientific, mystical, and visionary thinking of Teilhard, along with the critical importance of these ideas for shaping a renewed Christian identity in the 21st century.


It is expected that participants will have attended at least one introductory Wisdom School. The registration process will require applicants to respond to spiritually introspective questions, but answers will not be used for screening except in cases where no prior Wisdom School experience is apparent. Priority will be given to applicants from the Pacific Northwest region of North America.

The Treacy Levine Center in Mount Vernon is located in a beautiful and natural setting about an hour north of Seattle. More information on the center can be found on the Treacy Levine Center website. Accommodation will be hotel-style rooms with two, or occasionally three, people per room.

A range of special diets can be accommodated. Transportation to and from SeaTac airport will be arranged by the event organizers and provided to any participants arriving by air for a small additional fee.

Fees (including room and board): $750 USD per person. Generous scholarships are available – please enquire.

A list of recommended readings is available on this blog post.

As of February 23, 2016, there are a few spots available. To register, please email wisdomforge@gmail.com and include the following information:

  • Names of registrants
  • The city and state/province of residence for each registrant
  • Past Wisdom School experience (please identify the specific Wisdom Schools)
  • Briefly describe each registrant’s prior or present practice of contemplative prayer or silent meditation

Further details of the registration timeline, including payment and travel information, will be provided once registration status is confirmed. Questions may be directed to Darlene Franz or Terrie Botts at wisdomforge@gmail.com

Wisdom Forge is a Seattle-based initiative offering quarterly practice days and occasional chant circles for contemplatives and other interested seekers, and this is the second Wisdom School they have organised on Cynthia’s behalf.