Cynthia Bourgeault, along with Marcelle Martin and Paulette Meier, invite you to join them at this Quaker Wisdom School at Pendle Hill, open to Quakers and Wisdom Seekers of all faiths. Cynthia will draw from classical and enduring mystical principles to guide your exploration of Jesus as a Wisdom teacher who invited his followers to a radical transformation of consciousness. Marcelle will enhance these teachings through the Quaker lens, helping you examine the Quaker experience of the Light of Christ within, and Paulette will deepen your learning by leading you in chants based on the words of passionate Quakers who experienced this living presence of Christ. The canonical gospels and the Gospel of Thomas will supplement these teachings, as well as communal worship, prayer, personal study, and work.


Cost: $540 to $985 (financial aid may be available)

For more information and to register, please visit or call 610-566-4507, ext. 137.