Cynthia Bourgeault is proposing that 2015 be the year of Teilhard and is encouraging everyone to explore his ideas that resonate so powerfully at this time when so many thinkers indicate that we are on the cusp of a leap forward in consciousness.

This event introduces a four-day series that will look at the major themes in Teilhard’s work: the rise of consciousness, the divine radiance of matter, the centrality of Love energy, the Noosphere, the teleology of the cosmos and the role of human consciousness – all held together by the overarching story of evolution. We will place Teilhard within the religious and cultural context of his times and trace the mystical thread that holds his cosmology together and fuels the fire within him. Finally, we will see Teilhard’s gift to the Integral Spirituality movement emerging today. For more on the series, please visit the event page.

This event is offered by Earth Literacies and facilitated by Margaret Walters. Margaret Walters is the author of The Cosmic Pilgrim, (2010, Wipf and Stock, Eugene, Oregon) which is a spiritual exploration of the new story of science and religion through journeying with Teilhard de Chardin, Thomas Berry, and Brian Swimme. Margaret has worked in teaching, parish ministry, workshop facilitation, and spiritual direction. Currently she is working with the St. Vincent de Paul Society in Victoria.

Cost: $60

For more information and to register, visit Earth Literacies’ website. Enquiries can be directed to Margaret Walters at