Exploring a Nondual Christianity of Cosmic Proportions 

An In-person Teaching Event with Cynthia Bourgeault 

The Contemplative Society is delighted to welcome Rev. Cynthia Bourgeault back to Victoria to lead a day of teaching, practice, and fellowship.  

Date: September 30, 2022 Time: 9:30am – 3:00pm 
Place: St George’s Anglican Church – Cadboro Bay  3909 St. George’s Lane Victoria, BC, Canada V8N 4E3
Spaces are limited, so register early to ensure your spot. 
Please bring a bagged lunch for the noon break. There are places in Cadboro Bay village close by to purchase lunch. Tea and refreshments will be provided at the event.  

Payment by sliding scale – PAY FROM THE HEART – Register below – We will also be accepting donations at the event.


Cynthia BourgeaultCynthia Bourgeault is an internationally-renowned retreat leader, accomplished author, medieval scholar, and avid sailor. She is the inspirational and respected teacher to a world-wide network of spiritual practitioners and seekers, offering her unique blend of thoughtful insight, and practical guidance. The foundations of her theology dynamically weave together a cosmology based in the fourteen-billion-year-old universe story, illuminated through Imaginal seeing from the eye of the heart, and grounded in the contemplative arts as espoused by the world’s great Wisdom traditions. 


“Christianity has simply become trapped in a cosmology and theological superstructure by now far too small to contain the vast life force that still runs through its veins.”  ~ Cynthia Bourgeault 

Cynthia will offer an overview of her principal theological tenants and emergent thinking, drawing from her most recent book The Corner of Fourth and Nondual,  a title inspired by Thomas Merton’s famous moment of revelation ‘at the Corner of Fourth and Walnut.’  The book will be available for purchase at the event, or you can buy it from your favourite book seller.


For people familiar with Cynthia’s work, this event will offer an engaging retrospective to the foundational insights that were developed when Cynthia lived here on the Salish Sea 25 years ago. People new to Cynthia’s teaching will find an inspiring and spiritually relevant introduction to the Christian wisdom path, with practical suggestions on how to integrate these spiritual practices into their own lives.   


  • 9:00 am Registrations Open, Coffee and Conversations. St George’s Church 
  • 10:00 Session One with Centering Prayer sit  
  • 12:00 Noon Break – Participants bring bag lunch 
  • 1:00pm Session Two with Centering Prayer sit 
  • 3:00 End

Some books and audios teachings by Cynthia Bourgeault will be available for purchase at the event.  



Pay from the heart by sliding scale: $5.00  $25.00  $50.00  $75.00  $100.00 or whatever you can manage.

We will also be accepting donations at the event.