The Four Voices welcomes the specific wisdom of each part of our being—even when they’re diametrically opposed, in a way that brings them into harmonious solidarity. Hosted by The Contemplative Journal, this groundbreaking class is based upon Cynthia’s never-before-taught personal discernment practice. Her method of inner listening incorporates many facets of our being as we make decisions both large and small. The nafs (or ego), soul, spirit, and heart all have distinctly valuable contributions to make in guiding us toward the best choice in any situation.

Participants will become co-creators of the Four Voices Method of Discernment as Cynthia draws from her interactions with the class in the Student Forum and in the group teleconference!

More information and registration can be found HERE, including a video conversation with Cynthia discussing her plans for the “maiden voyage” of this learning opportunity.

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