Spirituality Beyond Borders invites you to join their community for an immersive retreat and to view the a rebroadcast of the Center for Action and Contemplation’s webcast featuring Richard Rohr, Barbara Brown Taylor, Mirabai Starr, and more who will explore the idea “Path of Descent: Path of Transformation”. The webcast will be enhanced by in-person contemplative practice and a beautiful setting of a forested lakeside environment. Andrew Twiddy will be your local facilitator and host for theme elaboration, discussion, and practice.


Cost: $340 – $565 (residential is optional; please enquire about bursaries)
Schedule: Sunday, September 9 (4:00 pm) – Wednesday, September 12 (12:30 pm)

For full program details and to register, please visit the Bethlehem Centre website. If you are interested in the live webcast (August 31-September 2), please visit the Conspire 2018 event page.