The ten days between Ascension and Pentecost comprise one of the most extraordinary ‘thin places’ in the entire Christian year.  On one side of the gap stands the human Jesus — to be sure, the resurrected Jesus, but with his identity still tied to a specific human person and historical space/time.  On the other side stands the cosmic Christ, the foundational evolutionary field ‘in which all things hold together’, driving creation toward its inevitable Omega Point.  What goes on in the mysterious liminal space?  Can our own attuned hearts follow the sublime interweaving of form and formless?  That is the mystical terrain we aim to explore. This mostly silent retreat will include meditation, sacred chanting, teaching, private time for individual prayer and reflection, simple Benedictine work, and a chance to share in the divine office and daily Eucharist together with the good brethren of Glastonbury Abbey.

This will not be a heavy reading retreat, but texts will be drawn from Ladislaus Boros (particularly the Easter-to-Pentecost section, pp 148-165), Teilhard de Chardin, my teaching on “The Messianic Trinity” in the Holy Trinity and the Law of Three (pp 166-169), and portions of the Biblical Song of Songs.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS EVENT IS NOW FULL. To be added to the wait list or for more information please contact Patricia Speak at email:,  or call 412-963-0409

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