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01 Oct -
31 Oct
Into the Ground of Being - the ongoing quest with Ward Bauman
This retreat has been cancelled due to covid-19 concerns in British Columbia.
We hope to offer it in the Fall online.
Please contact admin@contemplative.org with any questions.

“When you give birth to that which is within yourself, what you bring forth will save you,” Jesus is quoted as saying in the Gospel of Thomas (#70). This retreat is geared to help develop our inner authority or “sovereignty,” as the Gospel of Thomas states. This preeminent spiritual work is at the ore of human development.
Exploring ancient Christian texts we will practice their methods for coming to know the Christ within, that “Word” being spoken, but to which we are usually deaf. All instructions will be geared to this endeavor as we seek to discover those practices that can increase our awareness of our inner treasure. Students will leave with a stronger sense of their own inner domain and its resources.

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