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6 Feb 2021
Buddha at the Gas Pump - Interview with Cynthia Bourgeault -

Cynthia on BATGAP

Coming up on Saturday, February 6th Cynthia Bourgeault will once again be the guest of Rick Archer, host of the widely popular conversation series Buddha at the Gas Pump (BATGAP).

The interview will be live-streamed at 2pm ET, and available on the BATGAP YouTube channel after that. See details here.

You can find Cynthia’s 2017 appearance on BATGAP here.




18 Feb 2021 - 1 Apr 2021
Spiritual Gifts from the Imaginal Realm - Online Course with Cynthia Bourgeault -

Cynthia will be offering a Lenten eCourse on her new book EYE OF THE HEART: A Spiritual Journey into the Imaginal Realm, hosted by Spirituality & Practice.

Details on the themes and structure of this program will be posted when sign-up officially opens January 10th. For those ready to signup,  early registration is available here.


EYE OF THE HEART: A Spiritual Journey into the Imaginal Realm – by Cynthia Bourgeault

This groundbreaking book shares the evolution of Cynthia Bourgeault’s spiritual journey and offers a new map to understanding energy and our collective reality.

In Eye of the Heart, Cynthia Bourgeault investigates the imaginal realm–an energetic realm well known to the mystical traditions but often forgotten in our own times. It is invisible to the physical eye, but clearly perceptible through the eye of the heart.


You can find a number of podcasts and interviews here, where Cynthia illuminates the Imaginal and some key insights offered in her groundbreaking  EYE OF THE HEART  book.

23 Mar 2021 - 28 Mar 2021
Ground Luminosity Silent Teaching and Meditation Retreat with Cynthia Bourgeault -

This silent, Centering Prayer-based retreat will prepare practitioners to enter more deeply into the Christian season of Holy Week, that mysterious liturgical “thin place” where light and darkness, birth and death, heaven and earth, apocalyptic rumblings and tender new birth all draw very close together. The mystically attuned heart can approach this cosmic wellspring—or wormhole— and begin to read here “the signs of the times,” drawing from it both the strength and lucidity to live courageously in a world apparently adrift. 

The purpose of this retreat will be to attune our hearts, both individually and collectively. Grounded in the rhythm of the classic Centering Prayer immersion retreat, our time together will include three daily periods of formal meditation, sacred chanting and body prayer, and teaching by Cynthia Bourgeault drawing particularly on Thomas Merton, Rumi and the work of Ladislaus Boros elucidated in his magnificent book, Mystery of Death. These three anchor us in the cosmic heart from which all else flows.

Dates: March 23 – 28, 2021

Location: Garrison Institute, Garrison

Registration details to follow. Please call or email the Garrison Institute at 845-424-4800, or for more information.

23 Apr 2021 - 27 Apr 2021
POSTPONED: Retreat with Cynthia Bourgeault -

Location: Southern Vancouver Island, BC Canada

Due to current COVID restrictions and the Canada/US border closure we will be postponing our planned April 2021 retreat with Cynthia Bourgeault. 

As soon as a new date is confirmed we will post here, along with any other details we can offer at this point.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.


24 Sep 2021 - 26 Sep 2021
CONSPIRE Capstone Conference with CAC -

CONSPIRE 2021 is presented by the Center for Action and Contemplation (CAC)
Friday, Sept. 24 – Sunday, Sept 26,  Albuquerque, New Mexico

Gather online and in person to learn from and dialogue with the core-faculty of the Center for Action and Contemplation—Cynthia Bourgeault, James Finley, Barbara Holmes, Brian McLaren, and Richard Rohr—teaching together for the first time.

The capstone conference in a seven-year series on Richard Rohr’s alternative orthodoxy. Discover your place in the emerging contemplative community of people committed to the intentional work of personal transformation, embodied practice, and engaged living.

More details on the CONSPIRE 2021 conference here.

If you’d like to get registration information when it becomes available, sign up on the CAC site here.


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