A note about Wisdom Schools:

For information and answers to common questions about Cynthia Bourgeault’s Wisdom School structure and schedule please refer to Wisdom Resource Center.

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2015 Events with Cynthia

NOTE: Cynthia will be focusing her public appearances on events for longstanding groups and balancing this with time for silence, prayer, and writing.



January 18 – 23, 2015

La Casa de Maria, Santa Barbara, CA – Wisdom School Part II: The Divine ExchangeFull, Wait List only

Participation in a previous Wisdom School is a suggested preparation for this retreat.

Each day will include times for worship, Centering Prayer, teaching, mindful work, sharing, discussions, a desert day, rest and closing worship.
Information available HERE.



March 8 – 13, 2015

Redemptorist Renewal Center, Tucson, AZ, – Special Topic Wisdom School: The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three

Building on groundwork already laid down in the Introductory Wisdom School, this special topic Wisdom School will focus on Cynthia Bourgeaultís ground-breaking book, The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three. We will be looking at the Trinity not simply as a theological dogma but as a dynamic and still largely untapped metaphysical template governing all transformation, both inner and outer and containing within it the potential to radically re-vision and renew the heart of Christianity. This School is open to those who have completed an introductory Wisdom School.

Information and registration form HERE.



March 27 – 29, 2015

Pendle Hill, Wallingford, Pennsylvania – Streams of Living Water: Renewing the Contemplative Tradition through Meditation and Plainsong, with Cynthia Bourgeault and Paulette Meier

Join contemporary contemplative Cynthia Bourgeault and Quaker singer and chant-writer Paulette Meier in a weekend of experiencing and exploring the Christian mystical tradition. Refresh yourself with Centering Prayer and Quaker silence. Open your heart and mind by singing Pauletteís haunting and singular chants. And absorb reflections on how the rich streams of the Christian mystical experience flow together with an internationally known scholar and practitioner of that tradition.

Information and registration is available HERE.



April 5 – 12, 2015

Valle Crucis, North Carolina – Advanced* Wisdom School Southeast (Part II of two-part program)

*This School is open only to those who have completed both segments of the Wisdom School at Valle Crucis, or both parts of the introductory Wisdom School (The Way of the Heart, Part I, and The Divine Exchange, Part II), and those who have completed Part I Advanced Wisdom School Southeast in October 2014

Inquiries can be directed to Robbin Whittington: robbin@allsoulscathedral.org



April 24 – 27, 2015

Nunyara Conference Centre, Belair, South Australia – Silence, Centering Prayer and Attention of the Heart: A Teaching Retreat with Cynthia Bourgeault

Information and registration is available HERE. Enquiries can be directed to Caroline Pearce: chpearce@adam.com.au, or phone (08) 8344 4357



May 4 – 7, 2015

Auckland, New Zealand – Desert Mothers and Fathers Retreat

The Desert Mothers and Fathers were Christian hermits, ascetics, monks and nuns who lived mainly in the deserts of Egypt, Palestine and Syria beginning around the third century CE. In these deserts their path of prayer and spiritual insight transformed the spirituality of their day and their influence lasts through to our day. During this four day silent retreat, Cynthia will offer twice daily teaching sessions and in addition a rhythm of meditation with an evening session of integration and compline.

Please contact Bev Silvester-Clark: bev.s-c@clear.net.nz for information or to request a registration form



May 17 – 22, 2015

Glastonbury Benedictine Abbey, Hingham, MA. – Advanced Wisdom School

The ten days between Ascension and Pentecost comprise one of the most extraordinary ‘thin places’ in the entire Christian year. On one side of the gap stands the human Jesus — to be sure, the resurrected Jesus, but with his identity still tied to a specific human person and historical space/time. On the other side stands the cosmic Christ, the foundational evolutionary field ‘in which all things hold together’, driving creation toward its inevitable Omega Point. What goes on in the mysterious liminal space? Can our own attuned hearts follow the sublime interweaving of form and formless? That is the mystical terrain we aim to explore. This mostly silent retreat will include meditation, sacred chanting, teaching, private time for individual prayer and reflection, simple Benedictine work, and a chance to share in the divine office and daily Eucharist together with the good brethren of Glastonbury Abbey.

This will not be a heavy reading retreat, but texts will be drawn from Ladislaus Boros (particularly the Easter-to-Pentecost section, pp 148-165), Teilhard de Chardin, my teaching on “The Messianic Trinity” in the Holy Trinity and the Law of Three (pp 166-169), and portions of the Biblical Song of Songs.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS EVENT IS NOW FULL. To be added to the wait list or for more information please contact Patricia Speak at email: p4j8s11@gmail.com, or call 412-963-0409



June 5 – 7, 2015

Northeast Guild for Spiritual Formation Pacific Hall, Mount Desert Island, Maine – ìLetting Goî, with Cynthia Bourgeault & Paulette Meier

A weekend devoted to the ìcore, sacred gestureî of self-emptying or kenosis through the practices of centering prayer and sacred chant in the Quaker tradition. Information and registration available HERE.



June 23 – 28, 2015

Holy Isle, Scotland (off Aran Island) – Contemplative Wisdom Retreat


Information available HERE. For inquiries please contact Jill Benet: jillbenet@hotmail.com



August 31 – September 7, 2015

Living School Symposium

This event is open only to current registered students of Living School. Information on Living School is available HERE. Please direct any questions to livschooladmissions@cac.org



September 18 – 20, 2015

Nine Gates Mystery School

This event is open only to current registered students. Information on Nine Gates Mystery School is available HERE.



October 6 – 11, 2015

Orange County, New York – “Cloud of Unknowing” Retreat

In this retreat, Cynthia will open new ground with the Cloud by proposing that what its anonymous author is actually describing by the word “contemplation” is the transition to unitive or non-dual consciousness. She will lead us in an exploration of what this actually entails, how this new perspective helps to clear up some of those notoriously difficult passages in the Cloud, and why Centering Prayer is so essential to the process.

Information and registration available HERE. Questions can be directed to Cathy McCarthy at cmccarthy574@gmail.com



November 1, 2015

Marin County, CA – Seeing with the Eyes of the Heart: Living the Wisdom of the Jesus Story

The afternoon event will feature a dialogue with Adyashanti and Cynthia Bourgeault hosted by Sounds True founder Tami Simon and will include two guided heart-opening practice sessions led by Cynthia and Adya.

More details to follow.



November 15 – 20, 2015

Kanuga Conference Center, NC – Introductory Wisdom School

This event will include advanced student apprentices and assistants, and 200 students.

More details and registration is available HERE.



December 6 – 11, 2015

Glastonbury Benedictine Abbey, Hingham, MA.

More details to follow.






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