Honouring Rev. Dr. Cynthia Bourgeault

Contemplative Voices Award: Honoring The Rev. Dr. Cynthia Bourgeault

On November 16 The Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation presented its 2014 Contemplative Voices Award to the Rev. Dr. Cynthia Bourgeault. The Shalem…

Spiritual Practices from the Gurdjieff Work: Online Course with Cynthia Bourgeault - Now Available On-Demand

Originally offered Nov 3rd-28th 2014, this highly popular course is now available in an "On-Demand" basis from Spirituality and Practice.  Course…

The Grand Celtic Adventure

The Grand Celtic Adventure - blog post by Cynthia BourgeaultFrom my running “missing bag” saga, some of you may have gotten the impression that my…

More Discernment on the Four Voices

More on those "Four Voices"….  -   Blog post by Cynthia BourgeaultIn this continuation of my last post, I want to offer a couple of additional examples…

My Missing Bag as Spiritual Teacher

My Missing Bag as Spiritual Teacher  -   Blog post by Cynthia BourgeaultSince my interview with Terry Patten last June, many of you have been clamoring…

Sharing the Legacy of Helen Daly

Sharing the legacy of Helen Daly—beloved wife, psychotherapist, wisdom friend and teacher—who made passage from one form of living to another on November…

The Kenotic Journey of Holy Week

"Jesus's real purpose in this sacrifice was to wager his own life against his core conviction that love is stronger than death, and that the laying down…

The Epicenter of Christianity is Love

"The epicenter of Christianity is Love, and this week we are entering the epicenter. May we do so in Love." ~ Rev. Cynthia BourgeaultOn April 17, 2013,…

The Wisdom Way of Knowing - Book Review

The following book review of Cynthia Bourgeault's The Wisdom Way of Knowing was originally posted on March 10, 2014 at Abbey for the Arts:     This…

Jesus and Sacred Wisdom

On November 8th 2013, Cynthia Bourgeault provided a presentation on "Jesus and Sacred Wisdom" at the Moravian Seminary Couillard Lectures. This lecture…

Beggars in Paradise: The Bhutan Adventure

The following post from Cynthia includes pictures by Cynthia and Gwen ( first inkling that a Bhutan pilgrimage might…

AGM Letters from TCS President and Cynthia Bourgeault

President's ReportThe Contemplative Society AGM, February 22, 2014When I was thinking about presenting the President's Report to this year's AGM the theme…

"In Pursuit Of Wholeness"

Sojourners has an important interview this month with Cynthia Bourgeault.Here are four excerpts from the interview. But the whole thing is well worth reading.I…

Red Hat's in Town

 We would like to share with you a this wonderfully descriptive poem by recent Wisdom School participant Faye Cox,  that so creatively captures…

Advent message from TCS

We would like to share a recent letter from TCS President, Heather Page  Advent 2013Dear Friends of The Contemplative Society,This is the season of holy…

Letting the Enneagram Speak

This post is based on a paper first presented at the Enneagram Conference with Helen Palmer in Cincinnati, Ohio, on October 5-6, 2013     LETTING…

An Introduction to The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three

Rev. Cynthia Bourgeault recently provided an introduction and thorough overview of The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three at the Cathedral of St. Philip…

"'Searching for Sugar Man' and the Law of Three"

I recently watched the Oscar award-winning documentary, “Searching for Sugar Man.” Walking in knowing nothing about the film, I was immediately taken…