Christmas 2018 – A Fond Farewell

Dear Members and Friends of The Contemplative Society,

I have had the great privilege of serving the society for the last 3.5 years as your administrator. Back in 2015, I was a fledgling meditator and fairly new to the contemplative side of Christianity. Since then, I have learned much and made many friends, and I am grateful to the board who have given me this opportunity to say thank you to you all.

As I pack up my things here at the office and prepare for a new chapter in my professional life, I am given many opportunities to reflect on my time with the society. From sunny board retreats on a small island off the coast of Sidney, BC to building a walkable enneagram with Cynthia Bourgeault, this job has given me so many opportunities to explore my academic interest in spirituality as well as my own personal path, and have fun while doing it! The people I have worked most closely with have mentored me and given me hope for the future, while brief exchanges with members and community members penetrated days of bookkeeping, event organising, and website maintenance with flashes of the unity we are all taught to trust in and cultivate.

I was also a fledgling at life when I started this position, already 28 but only a few years out of university and still gaining my adult “sea legs”. Two traumatic events that occurred in 2013 and 2014 respectively prompted me to spend my time more meaningfully, and it just so happened that the administrator position was opening up at TCS. I don’t think it was a coincidence. While these years have been very difficult personally, I can only imagine how cold and bleak they might have been without the love and support of this community holding me up and propelling me forward. While I probably can’t claim to be a wise adult now (I think I’ll continue to be singled out as the youngest person at retreats for a while yet!), I certainly have learned much from the society and the contemplative path to bolster me through the next stages of my life.

While I am moving on work-wise as I pursue my goal to become a clinical counsellor, I am not leaving the society behind. I sincerely hope to continue to see many of you at TCS events and retreats. In the meantime, I leave knowing that I am very much part of something cosmically good, and thank you all for showing me that.

Your generosity to the society in financial support, volunteer help, sharing resources, and loving one another is a wonderful Christmas gift to me and all those you serve. Have a wonderful holiday season and please give a warm welcome to the new administrator, Sharon Taylor, in the New Year.

Blessings and warm wishes,


Miranda Harvey, administrator

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  1. Miranda
    Miranda says:

    Thank you for all the well wishes, everyone! My heart is full of encouragement for the year ahead and beyond. A Happy New Year to you all!

  2. Carole Pentony
    Carole Pentony says:

    Miranda, I will miss your enthusiasm and the very individualized messages of appreciation that you would write on those Scenic Canada cards. I’m sure you will be a wonderful clinical counselor, and this service in Christ is so needed in these troubled times.

    Peace and every good to you . . .

  3. CoolWriter
    CoolWriter says:

    Even at Christmas it’s hard to put into words how much happiness and instructions you provided in my life. I which to congratulate you with the coming winter holidays. May you be blessed with wonderful friends and a season filled with peace. Hope your Christmas is as special as you are!

  4. Elaine Fourie
    Elaine Fourie says:

    God speed with your future plans Miranda. What a privilege to work for a transformational society like TCS. As a counselor myself I know your future holds much fulfillment and many opportunities to impact positively on society. Love and blessings go with you.

  5. Peggy Zimmerman
    Peggy Zimmerman says:

    Miranda, you have been a blessing to TCS and to all who have worked with you. In particular, I thank you for your ready support and guidance as we have progressed in improving the audio material for publication. May your plans for the future be fruitful.

  6. Michael
    Michael says:

    And fond wishes for your continuing adventures! It was a REAL pleasure to be a part of your loving administration. It’s great to see wisdom blooming in all directions among all ages ;-). May the way ahead be clear and the hugs plentiful!

  7. Selinde Krayenhoff
    Selinde Krayenhoff says:

    Dear Miranda,
    Wishing you all the best this Christmas and on your journey forward.
    Thank you for your warm way of doing the business of the Contemplative Society.
    Every blessing,

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