The Grand Celtic Adventure

The Grand Celtic Adventure – blog post by Cynthia Bourgeault

From my running “missing bag” saga, some of you may have gotten the impression that my recent teaching adventure in Scotland and Ireland was a bit arduous. Not in the least! It was in fact it was one of the most stunning high points of my entire teaching career, if not of my entire life. The missing bag was merely the “outer and visible sign” of the inner baggage simultaneously dropping away. I felt free, clear, “home,” supported, and supremely on my native soul ground in a way I haven’t felt for decades. Maybe even lifetimes. Read more

St. Brendan

My St. Brendan icon is arrived! It made its way across the waters (natch!)—by air (quite unknown to St. Brendan)—and in only three days (as compared to Brendan’s own seven years)—from its iconographer in Australia to the rocky New England shores. Have a look!

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