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Presence: Forest of Fear and Joy

by Paula Pryce   The following is part 2 of a Holy Week reflection provided by Paula Pryce from Vancouver, Canada. You can read the first part Absence: Forest of Longing here.   Presence: Forest of Fear and Joy   I throw open the gate to rushing wind and creaking branches.  Not knowing what lies […]

Absence: Forest of Longing – by Paula Pryce

The following is part 1 of a 2-part Holy Week reflection provided by Paula Pryce from Vancouver, Canada. Absence: Forest of Longing   Absence mills around the body like a guard dog pacing the fence line.  Rigidly keeping off the night creatures, jealously defending its property.  I am within a picketed sphere of isolation.  Longing, […]

What has Cynthia Bourgeault been up to…?

  What’s new with our Principal Teacher Cynthia Bourgeault? Recently we’ve heard from a number of you wondering what Cynthia is up to while in-person events and retreats are widely curtailed.  Well, unless you happen to spot her on the high seas, here are some opportunities to tune into Cynthia’s activities and catch some of her upcoming […]

From a Cosmic Nudge to an Integral Christianity – A Conversation with Cynthia Bourgeault

In this potent and engaging conversation, Cynthia Bourgeault is hosted by Paul Smith (author of Integral Christianity) and Luke Healy of the Integral Christian Network. Together they offer deep insights and personal experiences to illuminate the emerging scope and potential for Christianity. The dialogue is infused by their shared appreciation and revelations inspired by Jean […]

Innermost Hope – and a special offer

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.” Rumi’s words are a reminder that in 2020 we’ve felt deep wounds in the body of the world. Just like we await the birth of the Christ light in this shadow time of year, the world is aching for healing Light amid its myriad wounds. The Light is manifested as radical hope in each of us and shines as divine love in all our global body.

Fostering our Connection

Mercy. An old-fashioned word that conjures up so many contrasting images. Mercy is “a bond,” writes Cynthia Bourgeault in Mystical Hope, “an infallible link of love that holds the created and uncreated realms together.”  Far from condescension or political power, the origin of the word mercy points instead to a flow of connectedness, reciprocity, and exchange….

Remembering “the Goodness of God” – Reflection by Linda Coggin

Julian of Norwich seems to be everywhere. At least, since The Contemplative Society’s online retreat in August, I have noticed this. I have noticed Julian’s presence in conversations with friends, in books I’m reading, and while listening to podcasts. Since the retreat, Julian’s teachings have woven their way into my everyday contemplative practice.