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Fall Update & News from TCS

Now is a good time to update you on the new movements here at The Contemplative Society, and how these may involve you…

UPDATES FROM CYNTHIA: Teilhardian Vision and Evolving Toward the Common Good

In late June Cynthia started an important series of posts with a message to students, sharing her ideas and suggestions for “a worthy project for our Wisdom circle to take on.”  Cynthia also presented a riveting keynote address at the American Teilhard Association (ATA) annual meeting. Find links for both below. THE ‘COMMON GOOD’ BLOG […]

Wisdom Solstice – the Yukon backstory

This post is shared by Jennifer England as a follow-up to our Wisdom Solstice event offered on Zoom on June 21st.    In describing her experience and the backstory including what was occurring ‘behind-the-scenes’ as the event was about to begin, Jennifer provides a real-life example of applying our Wisdom practice to tap into a calm […]

Go Beyond the Mind

After a short hiatus in her series of reflections, Cynthia Bourgeault continues with a new post drawing upon Jean Gebser’s Ever Present Origin and his perspectives on Integral consciousness.     Go Beyond the Mind, LESSON 13 When I say that the ability to access and sustain the Integral structure of consciousness is developmental, I […]

Christophany: A Quintessential Teaching

“I am so grateful for this labor of love by The Contemplative Society, which once again makes accessible Raimon Panikkar’s extraordinary teaching on the universal mysticism of Jesus Christ.”  ~ Cynthia Bourgeault   In addition to Cynthia’s encouraging words above, we also want to share Brian Mitchell’s wholehearted endorsement for our updated audio release of […]

Presence: Forest of Fear and Joy

by Paula Pryce   The following is part 2 of a Holy Week reflection provided by Paula Pryce from Vancouver, Canada. You can read the first part Absence: Forest of Longing here.   Presence: Forest of Fear and Joy   I throw open the gate to rushing wind and creaking branches.  Not knowing what lies […]

Absence: Forest of Longing – by Paula Pryce

The following is part 1 of a 2-part Holy Week reflection provided by Paula Pryce from Vancouver, Canada. Absence: Forest of Longing   Absence mills around the body like a guard dog pacing the fence line.  Rigidly keeping off the night creatures, jealously defending its property.  I am within a picketed sphere of isolation.  Longing, […]

What has Cynthia Bourgeault been up to…?

  What’s new with our Principal Teacher Cynthia Bourgeault? Recently we’ve heard from a number of you wondering what Cynthia is up to while in-person events and retreats are widely curtailed.  Well, unless you happen to spot her on the high seas, here are some opportunities to tune into Cynthia’s activities and catch some of her upcoming […]

From a Cosmic Nudge to an Integral Christianity – A Conversation with Cynthia Bourgeault

In this potent and engaging conversation, Cynthia Bourgeault is hosted by Paul Smith (author of Integral Christianity) and Luke Healy of the Integral Christian Network. Together they offer deep insights and personal experiences to illuminate the emerging scope and potential for Christianity. The dialogue is infused by their shared appreciation and revelations inspired by Jean […]