AN INVITATION TO BEGIN THE HEALING WORK – A Blog Series by Cynthia Bourgeault

Writing just after the November 2020 US election, Cynthia Bourgeault shares this:


“Well, the oasis of grace miraculously opened, and now it’s time to roll up our collective sleeves and get on with the healing work! I know that my own first assignment has something to do with helping to expose— and hopefully defuse— some of the reactivity and sanctimoniousness that boils just below the surface in my immediate peer group, the spiritual liberal intelligentsia.”


What unfolds is a series of blog posts where Cynthia provides reflections and insights being revealed through the writings and legacy of Jean Gebser  (1905-1973).


Gebser was a German-Swiss philosopher, linguist, and poet, best known for his theories on how humans transition through particular ‘structures of consciousness’.  As a starting point Cynthia recommends the book Seeing Through the World by Jeremy Johnson, which provides an introduction to Gebser’s foundational work. She writes “I could see that Gebser—through the brilliant eyes of Jeremy Johnson—was handing me exactly the tools to see where I’d been pinned for so long now, both personally and culturally . . . If you’re up for joining this exploration, I encourage you to buy Jeremy Johnson’s book and explore it firsthand.”


Cynthia’s series of blogs, starting with AN INVITATION TO BEGIN THE HEALING WORK, can be found here.