An Introduction to The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three

Rev. Cynthia Bourgeault recently provided an introduction and thorough overview of The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three at the Cathedral of St. Philip Spirituality Conference in Atlanta Georgia. This presentation has been recorded and is available here:

Click HERE for Part 1: Cynthia addressed the question “Why explore the Trinity?” (57:35 min.)

Click HERE for Part 2: Cynthia describes the Law of Three as providing a template of change, and introduces Christian writers that identified this dynamism within the Trinity. (70:28 min.)

Click HERE for Part 3: Cynthia explores more deeply the fundamentals of the Law of Three as a framing structure and governing principle for the emergence of new arisings, and its practical application to challenging situations or to navigate an apparent impasse. A question and answer period completes the presentation. (96:06 min.)

We are grateful to the Cathedral of St. Philip for recording this presentation and making it widely available.

The_Holy_TrinityThe Holy Trinity and the Law of Three: Discovering the Radical Truth at the Heart of Christianity – By Cynthia Bourgeault, is available through Shambhala Publications as well as local and online booksellers.


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  1. Carole Pentony
    Carole Pentony says:

    I second Richard’s comment re “Brilliant stuff.” It has enabled me to understand the book better, and I especially appreciated the encouragement to look for Third Force in our daily lives. I think I have found it from time to time and may say more about this as it deepens in me.

    Meanwhile, I will also express appreciation for that terrific post by good Marty on finding third force in “Searching for Sugar Man”

  2. Richard Powell
    Richard Powell says:

    Have listened to the podcast of these talks twice and on my third time around. Brilliant stuff, and I really appreciate the depth of context. Was just on the resource page of now looking for information about the music used for the gurdjieff 4-movement 3-word practice. Too bad there wasn’t a video of this — of the whole event! I’m part of a small labyrinth and tai chi group at Brechin United here in Nanaimo, and I think our group would appreciate this practice.

    On another note, if you can point me to a succinct collection of academic books or documents on the Wisdom Tradition in Christian history, I would appreciate it. I read your Wisdom Way of Knowing, but found it left me wanting a historic timeline of the wisdom tradition. Perhaps such a timeline does not exist but I thought I would ask!

    Kindest regards,


    • Blog Administrator
      Blog Administrator says:

      Hello Richard, There is a fair amount of information available online through searching Gurdjieff, including some movement practices (see Youtube)

      Regarding your search for a history resource, I am providing a link here to a document pulled together by Christopher Page, a member and advisor for our Society: The Unfolding Story of the Christian Tradition at

      Christopher describes this as a “personal outline of world history from the beginning of time to the present which includes I think the primary highpoints of the Christian mystical/wisdom/spiritual tradition…Warning: it is insanely long. But if anyone is seriously interested, starting on about page 23 it is possible to trace quite a bit of the Christian spiritual tradition. “

      I hope this helps,
      Eileen (TCS Administrator)

      • Richard Powell
        Richard Powell says:

        Thanks Eileen,

        I think Christopher Page is a bit of a genius to have gathered all that info in one document in such a clear and succinct way. I enjoyed scrolling through it and seeing the flow of ideas in a sort of stream of awareness. Very cool. I particularly liked the appendix on Post-Modernism. Unfortunately this doesn’t quite give me what I’m looking for. I’ll go over it in more detail, and maybe I’ll glean some details that will help me start my own timeline! Christopher’s efforts are indeed inspiring, and I guess I need to do some more in-depth research myself — sigh. Thank you so much for the help, however, I really appreciate it!!


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