Our Program


Regularly scheduled retreats, instructional days, self-organized study groups, and quiet days offer an opportunity to deepen individual and group practice. While Centering Prayer is the basis of our teaching, all meditation paths are welcome and honoured.

Please see our Groups page for a listing of current Centering Prayer and meditation groups.

Wisdom Teaching

Our teaching comes from the best and deepest of the Christian mystical and contemplative tradition, with an emphasis on those teachings attuned to personal spiritual transformation, “right action,” and compassionate presence in a pluralistic world.

Please see our Events page for a list of upcoming events hosted by The Contemplative Society, and other teachers in the Wisdom community.

Contemplative Resources

Our goal is to support each other in our learning and growth. We produce teachings in audio format by our founding teacher Cynthia Bourgeault, and other Wisdom teachers hosted by The Contemplative Society. Through our website and emails we share and circulate information of benefit to contemplatives and other interested people.