As spring approaches, Lent invites us to take a reflective journey. In these forty days before Easter, we’re encouraged to pause, shed layers, and renew ourselves. Beyond fasting, Lent is a time to think about our faith, compassion, and connection to others.

In this newsletter, we are pleased to share a new E-Course to support your journey through Lent and Holy Week. This E-Course was developed from a retreat facilited by Heather Ruce titled Holy Week Wisdom Teachings: Accompanying Jesus and Mary Magdalene through the Pascal Mystery. 

Heather Ruce will also be facilitating Centering and Prayer and Three-Centered Knowing at the Mercy Centre from February 23-25 and a Wisdom School in Vermont from March 11-16, 2024.

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Holy Week is more than a series of events surrounding the final days of Jesus’s earthy life that we are to commemorate. We can enter this sacred week from the inside as a way of mutual accompaniment in which we are concurrently embodying the postures of Jesus and Mary Magdalene through this timeless passage through death. Under the conditions of deep silence—weaving in the transformative currents of surrender, three centered presence, attention, and recollection—we will open ourselves to the intense life giving energy of the Paschal Mystery available to us that we might emerge with the steadfast knowing that ‘Love is as strong as death’ and we too are called to be bearers of that Love.

From April 3rd to 6th 2023, The Contemplative Society hosted a Holy Week Silent Wisdom Retreat, facilitated by Heather Ruce at Bethlehem Retreat Centre. This E-Course will walk you through the four-day retreat.  This retreat E-Course immerses us into a ‘wisdom way of knowing’ through a daily rhythm of mindful walking, centering prayer, teaching, reflection, ritual, Gurdjieff Exercises and Movements, chanting, and contemplative free time embedded in the Great Silence.

Wisdom School: Invitation to a Wisdom Way of Knowing
When: March 11- 16, 2024

Where: All Souls Interfaith Gathering: Shelburne, Vermont

Facilitator: Heather Ruce

You are invited to join a Wisdom School, designed to bring a rhythm of practice, learning, and integration in togetherness and solitude in order to invite a ‘wisdom way of knowing.’ With periods of teaching, centering prayer, chanting, embodiment practices, lectio divina, contemplative sharing and free time, this Wisdom School will explore the core tenets of the Christian Wisdom Tradition through the lineage of Cynthia Bourgeault. We will focus on the Wisdom tradition as the Way of the Heart, the organ of spiritual perceptivity, and dive deeply into the three centers of intelligence (mind/intellectual, feeling/emotional, body/sensation-al) which comprise it. Wisdom Schools prepare us to live more consciously and to show up in the world holding our post as planetary servants.

The Mercy Center Centering Prayer Wisdom Program presents:
Centering Prayer and Three-Centered Knowing:  A Silent Centering Prayer Wisdom Retreat

When: February 23-25, 2024

Where: Mercy Center, Burlingame, California

Facilitators: Joy Andrews Hayter, Heather Ruce, Catherine Regan

Joint the Mercy Center in Burlingame, California to gather together and practice silence, Centering Prayer, and wisdom practices of chanting and movement that will help to engage our whole being. In this retreat we will explore Centering Prayer as a practice, in a way suitable for those new to it, as well as for those who have been practicing for a long time. Along with this, we will explore three-centered knowing, not just with our heads but with our entire physical, emotional, and intellectual being.