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Love is the Answer – What is the Question? (2018)

This book is a collection of writings birthed in the immediacy of the moment. Cynthia Bourgeault engages in direct call and response with the reader, the world, and these tender and tumultuous times. Setting the stage with Teilhard de Chardin’s concept of love as “a geophysical force,” and her riveting encounter at Tintern Abbey––where Wisdom revealed guidance and direction from which we can all take heart––Cynthia responds to the questions, needs, and opportunities brought to the fore in 2017. In remarkably diverse and myriad approaches––from the practical, personal, and social to the infinitely sublime––she invites all of us to participate in the conversation.

In the midst of a deeper paradigm shift, with all the hopes and fears that surface in times of change, Cynthia’s voice is that of a spiritual teacher who knows the territory from the inside out. Her call is to embodied practice: to listen, do the work, and see ourselves for what we are, no more, no less. To attend to an evolving consciousness that can bear the greatest joy and the deepest sorrow. To connect to a sense of rhythm and proportion, to live with humility and humor, to beat as a heart within the Divine Heart of Hearts. To take part in the creation of a new body of humanity. To live our lives fully.

“Cynthia’s teaching and her writing is her conscious work, and she lives primarily to both share and activate what comes through her heart. These recent writings by Cynthia represent the depth of her Wisdom teaching as it is applied to the times in which we are currently living.  Stretching from the autumn of 2016, just prior to the US Presidential election, through the fall of 2017, they touch what is deepest on our own hearts and minds. Ponder them carefully and see where they lead you. Then act.” ~ Bill Redfield, Episcopal priest, Wisdom teacher, and president of Northeast Wisdom

Published by the Center for Action and Contemplation.