We would like to share with you a this wonderfully descriptive poem by recent Wisdom School participant Faye Cox,  that so creatively captures our Teacher, Cynthia Bourgeault.


Cynthia in Red Hat

Red Hat’s in Town


Careful, you might miss her in a crowd

neither tall nor fashionable

obvious, imposing – in no way whatsoever.

A small force, a trim tab

with the impact of a mighty wind

stirred by a butterfly wing.

Shifting the foundations of empire

is not an easy job  –  given, not taken,

received with equal dollops of humility and humor.

A traveler of interstices, crossing points, and waystations,

heart of hermit, head laid on a thousand pillows,

sandal-footed she comes to the call of our eagerly waiting ears.



Photo image of Cynthia Bourgeault by Diane Walker: www.contemplativephotography.com